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For the Up-Taking

"Sustainably Sown"

Our selection of products are sourced and produced with top-of-the-line material.

Edible Landscaping

Become Self-Sufficient With A Food Forest

Transforming your yard into a food forest and creating a system of self-reliance that’s easy and enjoyable.

Farm Pods

"Grow Your Own"

A Farm Pod is an easy ready to go, drop in garden system. Around 40lbs a bag and 3.5ft long theres plenty of room to grow a variety of healthy vegetation. From Kale to sweet potato our grow artists have gotten creative and yielded some high quality goods for their family and friends.

Hands in the Soil
Soil Amendments

"Loyal Soil"

Organic doesn't get thrown around lightly in our workplace. All the ingredients in our amendments come from the highest quality to grow nutrient up-taking produce. Sizes and variety may vary through out the year. Please contact us direct for more information. 

"Kila" means "From a high place"

All of our Kiawe wood is a product of green waste throughout the Hawaiian Islands. For new comers Kiawe Wood is a slightly "sweeter" Hawaiian Mesquite. This is a different species than mesquite in the Western USA. The variety naturalized in Hawaii over 170 years ago. Kiawe has the flavor of the tropical islands and imparts it on your grill or smoker. All Kila Kiawe boxes are created on island.

Garden Beds

"Grow Baby Grow"

Make your trip to the produce aisle a little lighter and start pulling from your own source in the yard. We make beds custom to order to help build your garden oasis.

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